Digital frankenstein is a humorous name for our Personage – "Dila" ["dila" means "morning" in Georgian]. Dila is an artificially constructed data of "personality" [memories, dreams, thoughts, ideas].

Using great new web-resourses such as Cyberev, Lifenaut and Swiss DNA Bank for Information Storage – I "write person" as a multimedia synthesis of different digital informations. Pseudo-code for Dila looks like this:

[Personality] — special personality tests, "mental materials" from different people and selected cartoon charachters.

[Dreams] — I took Dila's dreams from my another project called "Tbilisi city Dream Database" – We run website, to collect different people's dreams through online surveys and audio recording of Dream HotLine Telephone – to make a real-time Dream map of current city. So I have more then 200 unknown citizen's lost dreams on a database. I use some of them as Dila's dreams.

[Memories] – I ask my friends to send me different videos and photos of different places and situations from their life. I upload them as Dila's personal memories of places where she/he has been, with written thoughts about it. This process to me is like Writing multimedia novel about a person who wants to save his/her memories forever. [and save cybernetic copy him/herself in this way]

[Body] - — more then 50 empty flasks and tubes for saving bio-materials for the future body of Dila. people will be asked and be free to share their saliva, sperm and blood within the exhibition of Dila’s deconstructed consciousness. futuristic bio-altruism for artificial, written mind-file.

for more information check the "body Sharing"