The Future is an unstable chaotic system, the vast territory of unknown and the great subject for study and hacking. Project Futurenaut 3.0 is dedicated to futuristic exploration of possibilities of affecting nonmaterial future using nonmaterial (digital) tools within art process.

If I use the internet as a digital time machine, can I influence the future? Can I send a data, produced today to the future? Is it possible to make a hypothetical body that will become alive in the future?

Her name is Dila. She was born in the Future. She is a Futurenaut version 3.0.

project Futurenaut is a symbolic, interactive exploration in the fields of Digital immortality and Body[gene] sharing. 
Through the art process We try to make an alternative history, artificial personality,which never existed and preserve it with possible modern
technologies with a hope, that it/she/he will be born in the Future.
In that case, [if we ever achieve technologies of ressurection of preserved personal datas]-- we see our little experiment as a form of Future Hacking. :] in general, project can be divided in 2 parts.
   We call thEM